Ammonia Cracker Plant

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Ammonia Cracker Plant

We are manufacturing Hydrogen Generation Units based on Ammonia Cracker Plant produces Cracked Ammonia (NH3) Gas using anhydrous ammonia from Cracked ammonia contains 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen and the product gas is very dry & oxygen free. If required a Puri Dryer to achieve Zero traces of cracked ammonia and upto (-) 70 °C dew point.

Ammonia Cracker used in various industrial application Like:

  • Brazing process
  • Metal powder annealing process
  • Galvanization
  • Nitrization
  • Deoxidization
  • Stainless steel wire annealing process
  • Hydrogenation of organic compounds
  • Sinteringprocess
  • Bimetal products annealing process
  • Production of Forming Gas

Where ever pure hydrogen is needed, cracked ammonia gas serves as a very low Capital & Running cost, maintenance free, etc.