Bio Gas Dryer

Bio Gas Dryer

Air-N-Gas Process Technologies has designed biogas dryers are machines for reducing water content in biogas. The water content can be a form of moisture (condensate). The moisture content in the biogas can be calculated as they are in the form of atmospheric air. Therefore the psychometric chart is applied to find the amount of moisture in the biogas by the units of relative humidity (%RH).

Biogas Dryer systems to condition methane generated through anaerobic digestion for optimal use in micro turbines or combustion engines, and water vapor to protect gas compressors and to remove water vapor from low-BTU gas to meet contract specifications.

After complete this process you reduce the biogas temperature below the dew point. At that reduced temperature, some vapor will condense and turn to liquid (condensate). At lower the temperature, the more condensation may take more electricity consumption.

Designed specifically for this application is our refrigerated, landfill / digester gas dryer. It is an ideal solution to remove harmful moisture to improve the combustible quality of landfill gas and biogas, especially when the inlet gas temperature is between 40°C and 45°C. Product features include patented dew point sensor and flood level control, stainless steel heat exchanger tubes and moisture separator and modular construction for ease of servicing.

Air-N-Gas Process Technologies has been an industry leader in absorbent desiccant, and gas dehydration and filtration technology. Please contact us today with any questions you may have or to place your order.

Features and Benefits:Bio Gas Dryer

  • SS construction on all wetted parts
  • Pressure dew point3°C
  • Structural solid steel base
  • CFC free refrigerant


  • Digester gas dehydration
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Landfill gas dehydration
  • Cheese plants
  • Breweries and wineries