Heat of Compression (HOC) Air Dryer

Heat of Compression HOC Air Dryer
Heat of Compression (HOC) Air Dryer

In non-lubricated air compressors, great amount of heat is generated which is lost due to cooling in after cooler. In Heat of Compression HOC Air Dryer this heat is utilized to heat the air for regeneration. In this dryer hot compressed air is passed through a heater to maintain the temperature around 180 Deg C, which is then passed through the desiccant bed for regeneration. After taking out the moisture this air is cooled in an after cooler where moisture is condensed and drained out in moisture separator. Then this cooled air is passed through the other tower of desiccant for drying.

Salient Features:-

  • No purge loss
  • Saving on electrical Heater load
  • Atmospheric dew point of (-) 600C can be easily achieved
  • Most economical in the range from 400 CFM onwards


  • Can be used with Oil Free Compressed Air Only