Medical Oxygen Plant

Medical Oxygen Plant
  • Lower your Facility`s Operation Cost – Take it directly from Air
  • Eliminate the expense of Purchasing, Receiving & Monitoring Your Hospital`s Oxygen Supply
  • Monitor the Oxygen quality instantly
  • Fully Automatic Operation requiring no special attention- Man less Operation
  • Generates Oxygen as and when required – Plug It, Switch on & forget
  • Easy to install and maintain – Skid Mounted & pre-commissioned
  • Purity of Oxygen up to 93-95% can be achieved (Approved by US Pharmacopeia)
  • 93% Oxygen Safe for Medical use….Oxygen Produced meet the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XXII oxygen 93% Monograph.
  • Equipments are Fabricated in accordance with all relevant codes…ASME, IS, ANSI, NEMA.
  • Flow & Purity of Oxygen can be monitored online optionally.
  • System can be operated without extensive technical training to operator.
  • Tailor Made Equipments
  • Hospital System Size Estimator:

    [No. of beds X 0.75 LPM] + [No. Of other outlets* X 10 LPM] = Total LPM
    * ICU, Operation Theatres etc… LPM X 0.357 = CFM


    In this system, when compressed air is passed through a adsorption tower field with Z.M.S, the molecules of nitrogen, moisture & other unwanted gases are adsorbed on surface of Z.M.S and oxygen which is not adsorbed by Z.M.S comes out of adsorption tower. This oxygen is collected in a surge vessel. Two adsorption towers are used for continuous generation of oxygen gas, which are interconnected with auto-change over valves controlled by Programmable Control Panel (PLC) in the control panel. After saturation of one tower with oxygen, the process automatically changes over to another tower resulting into the continuous production of oxygen gas for long.

    Parameters ANG Onsite PSA O2 Generator Existing Cylinders
    Autonomy Our System gives you full autonomy. No more gas supply Constraint. There are constraints of Suppliers. Logistic dependency. Local Turmoil dependency. etc
    Handling Easy to handle. Fully Automatic. Tough to carry. Unloading and loading is tough job.
    Cost Cost involves only in Electricity. As Feed Air is free. Almost reduces upto 70% cost. Heavy costs involve.
    Safety Secure and safe in operation. Not Safe. As, Cylinders are at 150 Bar Pressure. May Explode and cause serious injury.