PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA Oxygen Plant
  • Fully Automatic Operation requiring no special attention- Manless Operation
  • Generates Oxygen as and when required – Plug It, Switch on & forget
  • Easy to install and maintain – Skid Mounted & precommissioned
  • Purity of Oxygen up to 93-95% can be achieved
  • PSA (Twin Tower Pressure Swing Adsorption) Based up to 150 NM3/hr
  • VPSA (Three Tower) For 150 Nm3/hr to 1500 Nm3/hr
  • VSA (Three Tower) for capacities more than 1500 Nm3/hr

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology a revolution in Non Cryogenic Air Separation and Oxygen Generation Technology uses special grade of ZMS (Zeolite Molecular Sieve)

The air in atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 0.9% argon and the balance 0.1% is other gases. The oxygen is separated from the air using PSA Technology. The process centers on a Zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS).

At high a pressure ZMS is adsorbs or attracts nitrogen molecules, and at low pressures it desorbs or releases nitrogen. After passing through a Refrigerated Dryer air gets dried. The Oxygen generator consists of twin tower (A & B) PSA module filled with Zeolite molecular sieve. As high pressure air go into the Tower A, it passes through the ZMS and N2 is adsorbed. The remaining O2 and argon are piped to a Surge vessel or storage tank. . At a time tower B remains under nitrogen production cycle, whereas the other tower undergoes regeneration which is achieved through depressurization of the tower to atmospheric pressure. The outgoing oxygen gas is sent to a surge vessel where the minimum pressure will be maintained with the help of Back pressure Regulator.

Productivity of a PSA Oxygen plant is dependent on the purity required. A plant can produce oxygen at 93% (+/- 2%) purity with a relatively small increase in feed air. Use of a PLC or some other microprocessor based controller interconnected with automatic changeover valves for the swing cycles.