Water Chiller

Water Chiller
Water Chiller
Water Chiller

water chiller

AIR-N-GAS Process Technologies ismanufacturing different types of Chilling Plants for Air, Gas, Water, Brine, Glycol, etc. for various Industrial applications. We are using latest technologies in the field of refrigeration using High Reliability with all important components Imported from reputed suppliers available in the industry. We offer Air Cooled Chilling Plant up to 20 TR and Water Cooled Chilling Plant above 20 TR. Up to 40 TR. we offer single unit and for capacities more than 40 TR we offer multiple units.

Salient Features:

  • Simple operation& Low Capital/Operating cost.
  • Offered in single and dual well balanced refrigerant circuit for varying loads
  • Compact Design
  • Air/Water cooled Condenser
  • Up to 20 TR Air Cooled unit
  • Up to 40 TR Single Skid Microprocessor based controls for finer control of temperature
  • Hermetically sealed compressor Suitable for R-22, R-507, R-404a, R-134a and Available with Eco friendly refrigerants.
  • PHE for efficient Heat exchange

Simple operation, Compact Design, Low operating cost.